Gianluca jingleheimer schmidt

Gianluca gives me the biggest grin when I sing him my own rendition of john jacob jingleheimer schmidt.  I sing it Gianluca jingleheimer schmidt.  He just loves it.

Gianluca is getting so big.  Yet he is starting to look smaller to me.  I think his head is finally growing so his cheeks don’t look as big.

Gianluca is such a tease.  He sleeps through the night for a week and then the following week is up a few times a night each night.  This past week he has woken up but I have ignored him.  Last night I didn’t hear a thing.  I should have slept really well but no Micah decided to keep waking me up.  Oh children, I can’t wait for the day when the roles are reversed and I get to wake you up all the time.

Gianluca started solids a few weeks ago.  Then we acting grouchy, Had a cough and a runny nose, drooled a lot  and had really gross diapers.  So I didn’t know if if it was the food, or if he was teething or if he was just sick.  We took him off the food to see what happened and nothing changed.  This week he is acting much better.  No teeth, still has a runny nose and drools a lot but he is happy.  His cough has gone away.  So this week I started him back on foods. I just feed him solids at dinner time.  He like rice cereal, apples, pears, and squash.  He does not like peas.

Gianluca can really grab at things now.  He loves having toys to play with.  He loves having people to look at too.

The other day we were at the store and he was crying.  A lady stopped to talk to him and he just smiled at her while crying.  It was quit entertaining.  He loves to flirt.

He still is a really good baby.  On his hard days I have to remember that they are still good compared to some babies. He is one who can be rocked sitting down. He doesn’t need to be walked around or anything.  That is nice.

We just love our little guy.  As he gets bigger the kids keep wanting me to let him play with them.  Sometimes they are nice and other times they are rough.  He really is one loved baby.

Wondering if he should swallow

He loves to chew on his hands

He is a major thumb sucker too

The kids put Gianluca in the wagon and attached it to the Tricycle and drove him around the house

The kids added his toys to the wagon so he could play while they dragged him around the house

An exhausting Saturday

Gianluca doesn’t normally have to be put to sleep.  But last week he wanted to a bunch.  After he falls asleep he transfers well to other places.

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