November and Crazies

November went by very quickly.

We had a good month.

Curtis and Alessia are doing well in school.  Micah loves being my sidekick every day.  Gianluca goes with the flo, which is good because we are always on the move.

John was released as Scout Master.  Of the ten years we have been married (this December) John has spent probably 7-8 years of them in Scouts.  He was quite sad to be released but knew it was time.  It will only be a few more years and Curtis will be a boy scout and he be right back into all things Scouts.  I was very happy to see him released.  It will be nice to have him around more.

Things in Primary have also changed. While I was not released my counselor, Adrienne and secretary, Ipuna , who are both expecting babies soon were released.  It seems like everyone who has had a baby in our ward has been released from their callings and yet I haven’t.  Sometimes I am a little annoyed by this.  But in the end I am okay.  My next calling could be worse.  And I know that even though I have had a baby that I am still capable of serving.  It is a little harder but it is doable.   I am grateful for people who are willing to love on my baby while I am busy doing Primary things.  There are some Sundays that I come home from church and I feel guilty because I haven’t had my baby at all.  I feel bad that others have to hold him.  I will miss my old presidency but am excited to start working with Barb Gunn and Cami Violante.  We also were able to get almost all our other primary positions staffed.  I hope this means Sundays will run more smoothly because the last month has been a dousy. I  have cried two weeks in a row because I have not been able to “do everything”.

We spent Thanksgiving here at home. John’s sisters were going to come but then they couldn’t so we were all alone.  I was not to thrilled about this.  Thanksgiving is supposed to spent with family.  John knew I was upset.  I didn’t want to have to cook a huge meal just for us and then have it be over in ten minutes.  The night before he made the kids come up with reasons they were grateful for me and then he posted them all around the house while I was sleeping.  It was so sweet.  And in the end it wasn’t too bad to spend thanksgiving alone.  We were able to deliver dinner to our friends, the Marshall’s so it made preparing that much food seem reasonable.

Now we are gearing up for John to leave town.  As soon as he gets back in town Micah, Gianluca and I will be heading to Utah to visit my sisters and my mom, who will also be flying in.  The big kids will stay here and go to school and play with dad at night.


I came home and found John playing soccer with Curtis outside with my coat on

Our 4 little crazies

A homemade pinata.  John and I woke up to this one morning.  The kids had filled an empty danish container full of Halloween Candy, made a turkey drawing for the top of it and called it a pinata.  They had fun breaking it open.

Getting our Morning Snuggles together

And kisses too

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