November Instagram 2

I dropped my phone on Thanksgiving day and shattered the screen.  A new one has since arrived and we are back to “modern conveniences”.  Man, I use my phone a lot.  John makes fun of me for doing Intagram and Pintrest and things like that.  But I know one day he will thank me for doing all of it.  So without further adieu, here is the rest of our November through Instagram….

Every morning when Curtis gets up he needs a little snuggling.  He use to come to me for that but now that Gianluca is here he just wants to snuggle him.

This is technically a December picture.
This Morning Curtis was watching an intense Christmas movie (Elf-Man).  He was not to impressed when the bad men were trying to run over the elf.

Another December picture, our Elf Stocking showed up today with letters from Santa and a breakfast feast (more on that in another post)

Facial Hair day at school

(Micah slept through the pictures)

Another picture of their staches

kisses from mama

Falling asleep watching Football

The Indians and Pilgrims came together in kindergarten for a Thanksgiving Feast

Sam came over for a playdate and played with both Alessia and Gianluca


Reaching for his toys.  He can now pull on them and get them to play music.

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