Railroads and Robot

The day after Thanksgiving we decided we needed to walk off all the food we ate.  We decided to see if our kids could walk the railroad tunnel hike to the Hoover Dam.  Now, we have attempted this hike a lot.  Our blog is full of hikes there.  John and I made it to the end at the beginning of the year but we had never made it to the end with the kids.

Well with a little bit if bribing they finished the hike!  There were times when all of them wanted in the stroller.  But they did it.  We bribed them with dinner of their choice afterwards.  They chose Burger King because it has a playland.  Let me tell you after hiking 6 miles Burger King doesn’t sounds that appetizing but we still went because that is where they wanted to go.

We took our friend, Robot with us on the hike.  He is pretty much Flat Stanley.  He came to visit from Idaho.  We had fun taking him around Nevada.  My kids loved taking his picture everywhere we went.








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