Nerf Gun War

A little while back I saw an idea on facebook of a nerf gun war.  I decided  I needed to do one with my kids.  On the second to last day of school I finally got organized and had a nerf gun war ready when they got home from school.

We left a note on the garage with two guns letting them know we were inside the house waiting for them.  Whoever lost the nerf gun war had to make dinner.

Micah, Gianluca and I spied on them from an upstairs window.  We have solar screens that allow us to see out but you can’t see in them from the outside.  We saw Curtis come home.  He read the note and then ran back to find Alessia who was still walking home from school.  We could tell they were shocked and excited.

Micah, Gianluca and I then hid in the bathtub and waited for them to find us before we opened fire on them.

We had fun shooting each other until John shot Curtis in the eye.  That ended our first (but not last) nerf gun war.

When I asked who lost Alessia volunteered herself because she wanted to make dinner.

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  1. Becca
    Becca at |

    I love everything about this idea . . . but I especially love that you took a picture of Curtis with his hurt eye! Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

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