Seven Peaks

We love our Pass of all Passes from Seven Peaks.  Spending a month in Utah meant we were able to go to Seven Peaks a lot.  We usually went to the Salt Lake water park but we did make it to the Provo one twice as well.

On Monday morning we would meet Mary and Laurel at the Salt Lake park.  It was so much fun spending time with them each week.  They were a huge help for John and I.   They would watch kids for us or ride with the younger kids who couldn’t ride by themselves.  They were awesome.  We met Rod and the kids in Salt Lake one day as well.  The kids had a blast playing with their cousins at the water park.  So much fun that when we told them to go one more time they went about 4 more times until we finally found them and made them go home.

We met Shannon and her family in Provo one morning.  The park was empty so we got to do all the slides in a short period of time.  John’s cousin Laurel even came hung out with us in Provo.  We hit up Provo one other time with Janeen and her kids. We planned to meet at Salt Lake but when we got there the park was shut down for a private event.  After a little bit of debating we decided to drive to Provo.  The kids had a blast playing there with their cousins.  Mary was able to come along with us as well.  It is always so much fun for us when have friends and cousins join us.

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  1. Laurel
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    I miss basking in the sun at Seven Peaks and flying down water slides with your family!! I hope this summer has more adventures like the last one!

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