End of the Year

The kids finished school a week ago. This past year went by super fast.

Curtis had a good first year at Greenspun.  He enjoyed playing trumpet in the band.  He has a small group of good friend.  Mostly he likes hanging out with Travis and Pierce. I asked him if he wanted more friends.  He said, “no, friends take too much work”.

Alessia finished up 3rd grade.  She had a good year with Ms. Vanbuskirk.  I was able to volunteer every Tuesday afternoon in her class. Alessia loves to talk.  She is still working on her listening skills.  Her friends this year were Izzy, Olive, Lacey and Ava.  Alessia liked having Ms. Van but thought she was a little strict. I liked her for this very reason.  She is strict but super loving too. She gave our family the cutest sign for our home as a thank you for volunteering. Also Ms. Van had to pick up Olive at our home a few weeks ago.  You would have thought a movie star had come to the house.  The kids and John were all super giddy over it.  It was fun to have her in our home for a little bit.  Our kids teachers end up being an important person in their lives.  I hope they can always remember their teachers.


Micah finished first grade.  He excelled in all areas. I think our shy boy has really come out of his shell.   I don’t think he talks a lot in class just more than Curtis probably ever did.  He had a good year with Ms. Gaughan.  He wished she would move to second grade so he could have her again.

On the last day of school the teachers did a dance for the kids.  It was totally unexpected and totally cool.  Definitely a fun way to end the school year.



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