Random Happenings

Gianluca and Micah started swim lessons at the rec center.  Can you tell which one is a spaz in the water and which one sits and listens very carefully?


Gianluca’s little girl friend Lexi took swim lessons with him.  I can never get a normal picture of this crazy duo.
John’s sister Tehra came to visit for a day.  She brought her two dogs, Bear (above) and bandit.  We went for a walk one evening.  It completely wore Gianluca out.  The best was when the dog popped. Gianluca was so grossed out he started to gag.


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit as well.  Alessia wanted to plant flowers with Grandma.  Hopefully we don’t kill them too quickly.



The Gordon’s have season tickets to UNLV Basketball.  They couldn’t go one night so they gave us the tickets.  John took Micah with him to the game.  They won right at the end.  Micah even caught a free t-shirt.



For FHE we made Temples out of Rice Krispie TreatsIMG_20160425_185834

I gave Gianluca ONE marshmallow on the way to preschool and this is what happened.  This kid keeps me from ever being boredIMG_20160503_112442

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