Scavenger Hunt

For Family Home Evening John organized a scavenger hunt.  We broke up into teams of two.  Curtis, Micah and I were on one team and John, Alessia and Gianluca were on the other team.

We had a list of things we needed to do in an hour. Whoever completed the most on time won.

The list included posting a team picture on FB and getting so many likes, eating marshmallows, pretending to score a home run in baseball, posing with a statue, scoring a basketball basket with a frisbee, dancing in front of strangers at the park, video taping all three people going down the slide at the same time, giving money to a stranger, getting a member of the Bishoprics phone number and taking a selfie with a family from the church.

It was a super fun scavenger hunt and I am not just saying that because my team came in first.

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